In my manic tidy up before we left for holiday I tidied up my favourite Victoria Beckham x Nails Inc Bamboo White nail polish and I just couldn’t find it before we left for France! I had hoped the shop at Eurotunnel would have the AW15 Chanel nail polishes in but no Chanel makeup anymore just perfume – boo!  I hate having bare nails so the first thing I did when I arrived at our final destination was nail polish shopping!  I really wanted the dark green Chanel colour but they didn’t appear to have any of the new collection in and no other Chanel colour really popped out at me.

YSL Nail Polish

After a long browse the YSL counter was a calling and a bright yellow polish called Jaune Babouche caught my attention. I’m a big fan of the Chanel Mimosa polish but this YSL shade is a real solid bold colour that works with a tan but it’s almost mustard in colour which makes it feel quite autumnal too, its very different from Mimosa.  I didn’t have any topcoat with me and I didn’t bother to buy any so I was impressed with the YSL staying power, it easily went 4 to 5 days without any signs of wear.

YSL Nail PolishYSL nails in Jaune Babouche – available here

After chatting to the assistant in my bad French and her ok-ish English I discovered there was 25% off if I bought another YSL product, as I’m a sucker for a discount I also bought the Beige Gallery grey polish. I haven’t tried the grey shade yet, but I will report back when I do.


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