Whenever the fire alarm goes off at work I always assume it’s a false alarm, especially if the alarm rings several times before staying on. So recently when I heard its shrill ring I just picked up my coat, which had my keys, wallet, Oyster card and iPhone in the pockets and walked down the six flights of stairs to be greeted by half the Met police!! It wasn’t a false alarm, something was actually going on at Chelsea harbour; literally nothing ever goes on at Chelsea harbour so this was somewhat something of a shock!! After grabbing a coffee at a nearby coffee shop I went against all my instincts and walked towards the blue flashing lights to see if I could get back in the office anytime soon, the answer was a swift, stern no!!

When the police said it could be hours until the suspect package could be fully dealt with I made my way home but once on the train I immediately felt the panic start to flow over me –  I had left my bag behind, I just felt lost without it, a part of me was missing.

It’s not until you’re without a bag that you notice just how much stuff you actually carry around with you, so this has prompted me to do a ‘What’s in my Bag‘ post.

IMG_4890.JPGFrom topMoo Business Cards, American Vintage notepad, pen, YSL make-up bag and contents, Samsung work phone, Beats headphones, prescription migraine drugs, Chanel Chance, Chanel Les Beiges compact, Kleenex tissues, Sheriff & Cherry sunglasses, paracetamol, brown inhaler, blue inhaler, L’Occitane hand cream, Jo Malone lip balm, old Gucci glasses

As I was running late that morning my bag also had my full makeup bag in it so I could do my makeup on the train! Being without my makeup, lip balm and headphones for a couple of days was strange, I don’t have loads of spare makeup but luckily I had enough at home to make myself look vaguely presentable.


I’m just glad I was using my old Longchamp bag that day and didn’t leave behind an expensive bag.  This red Pilage is so old and battered now, but it’s such a great commuting bag, especially when I need to take my laptop into the office, it just holds everything.

Being reunited with my bag two days later was like meeting an old friend! So next time the fire alarm goes off take your bag with you; it might just be the real deal. It turns out the suspect package was actually cocaine but that’s a whole other story!!




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