Vogue Cover Shoot
After Victoria and before Mario at Sundays Vogue Festival I had a mini Chanel make-over with my very own Vogue cover shoot, obviously for fun not real – sadly!

I had my make-up re-done by the Chanel team with Chanel products – of course!  Un-usually for me I already had a pretty much full face of make-up on so I had my make-up touched up with some beautiful nude shimmery eye shadow, eye liner and peachy/coral blush that pretty much matched my top, all set off with the new Le Beige powder – I so need some of that in my armoury!

SJ Vogue Shoot

Then it was time to choose my jacket and accessories for the shoot.  I must’ve been so wide-eyed deciding what Chanel pieces to put on as the assistant was hesitant on adding an extra string of pearls but hey this is Chanel, pile it on girl!

There were several jackets to choose from and being a bit of a magpie it had to be the black sequin jacket, just stunning and a little bit Daft Punk (yes I know they wear Saint Laurent!) The jacket was probably bling enough but I also had on a perspex (I think) and diamante CC cuff and strings of CC silver pearls.

On to bags; there were so many to choose from but I just had to have the lego clutch which is actually very cool; the bonkers massive hoop bag was also there to play with but it could’ve  been a step too far ;). I was quite tired on Sunday due to a late night and early start so I needed sunglasses to hid my tired eyes.  As us girls know sunnies can hide a multitude of sins.  I went for a near blonde colour pair of shades and that was me Chanel-ed up for my picture!

I had about 5 pictures taken posing in my Chanel get-up, leg kicks and everything.  As it was a quick process with lots of other girls to get through I didn’t get to choose what picture would make my final personal cover but these guys were pros so the end shot was always going to be fun to see.  I had about 30 mins (shopping for Vogue vests for my dance class) to kill before the cover was ready and this was the end result! Do you like?


 Giving back that Chanel jacket was hard, someone please buy me one, and those shades, and a cuff and some pearls, oh and a bag! 🙂


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  1. Sarah

    Haaa this is awesome!! I can’t believe you got to wear real Chanel, what if someone wandered off with them?! I think the bag would be hardest to give back for me.

    • Selina

      No chance of wandering off far to many security guys on hand! That bag was amazing, I want it all! haha X


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