The sun may have been out over the last few days but it’s still bloody freezing heading to and from work; so it’s still very much hat weather for me!  I hate having a cold head, I am sure the cold gives me a headache and a nice warm hat just gives you that cosy, almost comforting feeling.  I could quite happily wear a hat all day indoors and I have done when it was really cold and working from home.  Old buildings may look nice by they are sooooo cold and draughty!

Top of my wishlist for AW13 is the huge Victoria by Victoria Beckham beanie thing.  It’s such an amazing looking hat, like a total comfort blanket for the head – just what I want.  I really hope I can get my hands on one.


Image Credit : Vogue

As AW13 is a way off and I am pretty sure the cold isn’t going away just yet I thought I would have a little look for a new beanie.  I don’t think I have left the house since October without a beanie on or in my bag, ok I might have traded the beanie for my wool headband a few times 🙂


Image Credit : Topshop

This Topshop navy (looks dark grey in the picture) beanie (above) with white  “4321” motif is pretty cool.  At £12 this should see me through to AW13 although I am hoping to see some proper sun and heat before then!

x SJ

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