Stussy Tour Tee

Mr B and I took our usual Saturday morning walk into town yesterday to see what Greg, the owner of Decade, had in store.  Walking past the store on Friday night I spied the Stussy Tour ’13 tee had arrived so I wanted to see what else  had snuck in.

I’ve been waiting for this particular Stussy tee to come in for ages and I’ve had it high on my shopping list as soon as I’d seen it online.  Decade seems to be becoming a dangerous shop for me as well as for Mr B; Greg is finding so much cool stuff at the moment and with the spring/summer 13 collection Stussy seems to be finding it’s ‘cool’ again.

Tour tee promptly purchased and after chatting to Greg for a while Mr B spotted a Diamond tee with 1998 on the front. For many people it’s just a year but for us ’98 is the year we met and with Mr B being a little on the soppy side, he just had to buy it, 15 years who’d have thought it.  As a bonus Greg dropped a copy of Lowcard magazine into our bag.  Flicking through I’m seeing some awesome pics which I think will inspire Mr B for more of my outfit shots later, although I don’t think I’m going to be grabbing ‘air’ in a pair of Jimmy Choos anytime soon!

1998 Diamond Tee

As the sun was out this morning we ventured down to the Skate park in Stoke Park, Guildford.  We haven’t visited that part of the park since it was under construction late last summer.  We got there at about 11.30-ish and the place was buzzing.  It was awesome to see many people using the park and strangely I noticed not a spot of graffiti which was surprising but good to see.  As much as I like a bit of cool graffiti sometimes clean concrete  adds to the clean lines the guys take.  We sat on the bench for about 30 minutes watching the guys do there stuff but there were too many small kids in there for my liking; I wanna see the guys do their tricks!

Sunglasses: Sheriff & Cherry
Sweater: Carhartt
Tee: Stussy
Jeans: Current/Elliott
Sneakers: Nike SB Blazer
Bag: Longchamp

So today was all about watching; I have an old board being made up for me so maybe I will venture down there early and have a play when I get it- no doubt I will make an arse of myself though!

x SJ

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