stussy grey with yellow wildcat No4 | Miss SJ

So yesterday I popped into town thinking I was going to treat myself to a new leather biker from Whistles with the 25% off Grazia offer but I just couldn’t make my mind up (black or faded grey and did it really suit me) so I walked out the store empty handed.

Instead I ended up calling into Decade in the hope they had the Stussy World Tour tee in, sadly not yet but I just had to buy this Stussy grey with yellow wildcat No4 print tee. It took me back to being 17 again when I wouldn’t be seen out anywhere without a Stussy top and beaten up Converse on 🙂

Walking down the High St I noticed Courtyard, a local indie boutique, had a clearance sale on in the Angle Gate so thought I would have a peek.  As always I dived onto the denim table, quelle surprise, and spotted some Current/Elliott Boyfriends in Super Loved and they just so happened to have my size, fate indeed – only £30! Whats a girl going to do, snapped those babies up straight way.

So heres my £65 outfit purchased yesterday (excluding the hat & Nikes).

Stussy grey with yellow wildcat No4 | Miss SJ

Slipping that Stussy tee on I felt 17 again when I lived in huge baggy Stussy tops and old Levis snaffled from my eldest brother, so i was kinda doing Boyfriend fit before it became a real fashion term.

Tee – Stussy No 4

Jeans – Current/Elliott 

Sneakers – Nike SBs Blazer

Hat – Krew (borrowed from Mr B)

Have you got any looks that you slip back to bring the memories flooding back – 17 or not ;)?


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