No doubt you have read the Suzy Menkes piece this week about fashion bloggers turning New York Fashion Week into a zoo, wearing outrageous outfits just to get papped and feature someone out there as ‘Street Style’.

Even some of the high profile fashion bloggers tweeted about it during London Fashion Week although I did find a few comments unnecessary and a bit snooty, while fashion is a major UK industry and in my opinion isn’t taken seriously enough, fashion is down to personal taste and interpretation. Now while I agree with some of the comments made by Suzy Menkes and others I took real objection to the tag ‘Street Style’ and it’s been bugging me for the past few days.

For me ‘Street Style’ should have some origin and refelction of the culture that have actually comes from the Street. When I think Street I don’t think a preppy outfit, styled to the max, totally thought about from head to toe, with almost certainly some 80’s influence.  There is nothing wrong with that, if that’s your look but please, is it really ‘Street Style’.

Street Style’ takes it’s origins and feel with a look that is connected to  Street culture; be that hip-hop, dance/electronic music, street art – graffiti (Street Art could be another discussion in itself), skate culture – it has a loose defined look assosciated with these things and the brands that emerge from it. I feel part of that culture hence why I took so much objection to the tag.


Image credits : Nixon | Nike SB | Matt Cox

If you read my blog this may confuse you about my ‘fashion identity’ if there is such a thing; the other day I was excited about going to see Victoria Beckham and Mario Testino and here I am going all street on you. If you know me the whole ‘Street’ thing/look is in my roots; it’s how I feel most comfortable.

The term ‘Street Style’ seemed to change around the mid-90s when catwalk to sidewalk and the look of high-end designer fashion became available through fast-fashion on the High Street and it appears the tag has stayed. I could blame Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist for really taking the tag away form its roots, yes it’s fashion on the street but it really isn’t ‘Street Style’; not to me anyway.

There is far more cross over from the Street to mainstream fashion and vice-versa. I found it odd that NET-A-PORTER stocked Nixon watches, Nixon being firmly rooted in the Skate/Surf/Snowboarding world. I had my first Nixon over 15yrs ago, a present from Mr B but he had to hunt it down and found it in a backstreet skate shop. Recently Carharrt collaborated with french brand APC and the collection sold out instantly, so maybe there is more ‘Street’ in everyones wardrobe these days than we care to think about.

I’m not sure quite where I’m gong with this but just wanted to put it out there – I’m reclaiming the ‘Street Style’ tag as I type this in my SB’s and plan my next Stussy purchase, if you want it back you’re going to have ‘battle’ me for it , your move sucker. 😉

x SJ

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