Stella McCartney FalabellaStella McCartney Falabella Purse – shop the collection here

I can’t believe I left my old job nearly 5 months ago now and to be honest even though that time has flown by it actually feels like a lifetime ago.  Part of my leaving present was a Stella McCartney purse which I haven’t even taken out of the box yet.  It’s a bit like my Céline bag, it’s been lurking in my closet but for whatever reason I haven’t used it at all.  

Stella McCartney Falabella

Now is the time to get it out and use it as I have to carry more and more stuff around with me including ID at all times (for buying alcohol and getting into bars/clubs), my health insurance card  (the emergency services need to know the bill will actually be covered if something happens to me) and all the normal stuff like money and bank cards – both UK and US.

Stella McCartney Falabella

I have always loved Stella McCartney designs but always felt the price tag was too high for luxury items that were not made of real leather.  However, you really wouldn’t know this purse isn’t made of leather as the quality of the material is just so good.  In distinct Stella design this Falabella purse has the chainmail finish to it which I just love and I like that this isn’t black, I think the grey just looks so much nicer.

Stella McCartney Falabella

I need to check what else I have lurking in the closest, this is like going shopping but without spending the dollars!


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