I might have been a little bit optimistic about the weather for this weekend!

I had booked a little break away in the West Country on the spur of the moment so I thought I would treat myself to some sunglasses I’ve had my eye on for sometime.  This particular pair had sold out on all the sites I first spotted them on but I noticed NET-A-PORTER had them and with free London Premier Delivery this month I was able to order on the app en route to my London meeting on Friday and have them sat on my desk when I arrived back in the office that afternoon – amazing service as always and possibly a little dangerous!

This lovely pair of shades are by Sheriff & Cherry – who? I can hear you cry.

Sheriff & Cherry are a design studio founded in 2004 working with brands such as Ellesse and Lacoste. In 2010 the design studio started to consult with an old optical factory based in Croatia and voila the sunglasses brand was born!

The cool thing is they are hand-painted and put together by hand – yes, by hand.


They are classic D frames but with a funky colourful twist and you can’t beat a bit of animal print.  These “Wild Cat” are leopard print with white tips on the arms.  At £75 they are not badly priced to funk up an existing outfit for summer.  They did get to see some sun this weekend at Stonehenge and Longleat although I’m not sure the monkeys appreciated them in quite same way as I do.

I’m thinking they might just have taken the place of my Victoria Beckham pair as my new must-wear-all-the-time-favourite pair of shades.

x SJ

PS I have submitted this as part of IFB Project #96: Future so bright, we gotta wear shades

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  1. Marie L.

    I love these sunglasses. My favorite part though is not the pattern nor the shape, but the fact that they are hand made and painted by hand! So cool!
    xo, Marie


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