I’m just a little bit obsessed with Sandro (and Maje) at the moment and I have picked up a few pieces in the sale which I don’t even think have made it on here yet!  Last Sunday I was walking down the Kings Road I just had to pop in to check out the new season – and yes as always I want it all! but also to have one final look on the sale rail.

With a stroke of luck they had the Tokyo Grunge black top I’ve had my eye on for a while reduced to  a mere £37.90 so I had to get it.  Its a sleeveless top made from sweater material with deep cut sides so it will show off a bit of flesh and it has the words in metallic text  ‘Tokyo Grunge’ on the front.

Sandro Tokyo Grunge

Due to the deep cut sides this top will show a bit of bra, I have only worn it with a black bra so far but I think a bright colour would look awesome, to give a punky early 80s, Madonna kind of feel.  It’s already a new favourite top which will be perfect for the last few weeks of summer; in fact I wore it the next day on my recent trip to Wilmslow which I will tell you all about very soon!


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  1. Style At Every Age

    You could get one of this small boob tubes, you know the ones that are only about 4 inches deep, my girls wear them when they have tops with these sort of arms. Fab top and great bargain x


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