A couple of years ago and I would’ve quite happily had most of the Reiss collection in my wardrobe but over the past few years the brand has just got a bit too ‘safe’ for me and far too ‘K-Middy.  I haven’t even bought any clothes work clothes from Reiss, I think my last purchase was shoes in the sale, Reiss do good shoes!

After a few weeks of sneak peeks online of the new 1971 collection including their Tumblr I was quite excited to open their email today but then I skimmed the collection and was disappointed.  Again its very safe and nice, pastel shades, lace and cotton dresses, skinny jeans and oversized tops – all very wearable, but I really expected more, just not sure what….

Maybe I need to go in-store and have a proper look, however this pair of printed satin wedges caught my eye.  I love the grey shades with a hint of mustard yellow, these would go with so much in my wardrobe but I don’t think I would be tempted enough to pay £139.

Will you be buying from this collection?

x SJ

Image credit : Reiss

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