When I was about 15 I nagged my eldest brother to take me to London with him so I could buy a pair of black suede Converse One Star.  Growing up on the South Kent coast meant shopping was just non-existent, no Internet back then so a trip to London it was!  My first pair were from the old Shelley’s store in Covent Garden, now the Nike store and it was LOVE.

At that point I was a bit of a skate/surf chick, proper scruff, although that hasn’t really changed.  That first pair lasted me nearly 2 years and got me through my driving test.  I probably shouldn’t admit to this but as they were coming to the end of their life anyway I wrote stopping distances on the inside edges of them as I never bothered to read the highway code.  How I thought I would sneak a peak at them I don’t know! I did pass my driving test first time, no stopping distance questions, thank god!

As that pair just about fell off my feet, I decide to try out some Vans.  Liked, but didn’t love in the same way.  I also toyed with several pairs of Nike Air and the re-issued Adidas Gazelle – never found the Gazelles comfortable.

During the summer of ’98, when I met Mr B, I was back to Converse – One Star flip flops – it was a HOT summer.  Had another spell with some Vans and Adidas Stan Smiths, then back to Converse but this time All Stars – white, classic and they go with just about everything.

After battering 2 pairs, I thought I would add a spot of colour and go for red – MISTAKE! For some reason this red pair were the most uncomfortable pair of sneakers ever; oh no, that’s actually Supergra but thats another story!  So at this point about 3 years ago I abandoned Converse for Ash – swoon!

Lovely moc-croc, black, patent 4 buckles, like Cons but supa-luxe! Wore them just about everywhere, even to the odd meeting.  Downside I wore them out, in 5 months flat! So I bought another pair, this time a metallic bronze, then brown with studs, then khaki with a mini-wedge – each pair cost about £120 but they were just dead within no more than 6 months from purchase, not a great sign for quality 🙁

So I decided to go back to my first love, Converse.  This time All Stars in sequins and satin – just call me twinkle toes.

So Feet now Happy (no penguins here) and back to my scruffy best, JBrands, Topshop military shirt (untucked), leather biker and my sequin Converse, perfect!

However not sure the boss approves. 🙂

Do you have any old fav’s you always end up going back to, let me know what you always go back to time and time again.

x sj

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