So Sandro went on final sale last week and as I was in town I stopped by the South Molton Street store on the way back to Waterloo for a mooch.  I love South Molton Street; so many favourite shops, so full of temptation.  It always just feels like a little fashion oasis away from the bustle and horrible crowds of Oxford Street.   I always seem to luck out in this Sandro store at sale time for some reason, and as an added bonus the staff are really friendly, which isn’t always the case up town!  It’d been a pretty bad week work wise (I won’t bore you with that on here) so I felt a treat coming on and there it was shouting out with a big ‘S’ right at me.  Yep that black Sandro sweater with the white felt S – perfect for me, and with 70% off even better what’s not to love.


I’m not sure I would’ve paid the full price for this but now I have it it’s a firm favourite in my ever growing sweater collection.  This would look amazing with a statement pencil skirt and heels but I have a big red cut on my right knee from tripping up the stairs a week ago so I won’t getting my legs out anytime soon!

I thought I would stay with the French theme and dig out my APC jeans I fetched back home from five years in storage.  These jeans were bought around ’97 and I still love them and am amazed my arse can still squeeze into them as these jeans have zero stretch!


IMG_5555The dark indigo denim is still very dark, and the amazing stitching on the inside seems just cry for these jeans to be worn turned up large – as I did in back in ’97/’98.  More on my storage finds to come very soon….  I had to add a bit more APC to the mix by wearing my Nike x APC Dunks which haven’t really had a wearing since purchase as I don’t want these bad boys to get ruined in the rain!!

Let’s hope this sunshine lasts!


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