[So like most people I struggled to put together an ‘about me’ page for my blog but I’ve done my best to describe me – if it looks a little long I’ve put together a 30 Second Fashion Q and A which is slightly more fun xSJ]

Miss SJI’m a 30 something girl from the Kent coast although I spent most of my life in Oxford and am currently hanging out in Surrey dreaming of a life in NYC.  By day I’m a boring, housing tech geek working in London to fund my fashion addiction, by night I get to be me – online and in the real world, living out my fashion life.

I’ve always loved fashion.  One of my earliest fashion memories is of me creating my own high heels by making Lego heels and sticking them to my shoes as a child, from here I moved onto stealing my eldest brothers clothes as a teen for that ‘baggy boy look‘ and being one of the ‘pain in the arse’ kids at college that insisted on non-confirming with how I looked or dressed!

As a teen I would persuade my mother to buy all of the fashion magazines and I would send off for information on brands which some how led to me getting on the Armani list for store private events that I would drag my brothers more fabulous friends along to.

My love of fashion even spilled over on to my wedding day, I got married to Mr B in Selfridges as part of their 2001 Winter of Love Christmas campaign which was just amazing.

I can normally be found wearing sneakers, jeans and a top, iPhone in hand listening to house music, shades normally on – that’s me!

30 Second Fashion Q and A with Miss SJ?

‘The’ Fashion Icon of Our Time? 

Kate Moss

Favourite All Time Designer Ever?

Tough – Tom Ford at Gucci, pure sex

High street or Bond street

Both – Bond Street pay day, high street rest of the month

Vogue or Elle?


SS or AW?

SS – love the heat but love the clothes for autumn – not good at this am I?

London, Paris, Milan or New York – pick one?

New York – fell in love with city after an amazing break before Christmas 2012. I heart NYC, it felt like ‘home’.