Last week a JCrew cookbook landed on my doormat, so there was obviously lots of “ohh I like that” and “that’s amazing!” then I spotted some metallic Vans!  I quickly zipped off to the JCrew site to see if they were available but nope they had already sold out – no surprise at £54.99 really!  I had just assumed these were a JCrew x Vans exclusive but as luck would have it Office in Guildford had the exact same Vans.  As my current Cons were on the way out (and were actually chewed to death by Huxley on Monday morning) I just had to get them, although I still need a new pair of Cons.

VansMetallic Bronze Classic Slip-On Vans at Office – £54.99

If you’re still unsure about the ‘Skater Shoe‘ trend give these a go, Vans are the original and the best in my opinion. Why anyone would spend £100+ on ‘Skate Style Shoes‘ I don’t know when you can buy into the real deal for much less, I’m pretty sure these will last longer than the fashion options currently out there.


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