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Finally opened and am now flicking through Matches – The Edit which dropped onto my doormat at the weekend.  It’s just full of so many things I could add to my ever growing lotto win wish list but the one page that caught my eye was page 40, titled 1990s Redux.  I loved everything about the 90s and a big part of me will always be stuck in my crazy summer of ‘98.

On closer look 2 of the items that caught my attention were brands I had seen but hadn’t bought when I was in New York – AR SRPLS and Meredith Wendall.

I know little about AR SRPLS (top left), I only know of this brand due to their collaboration with Converse late last year.  This is a cool alternative to a full-on varsity jacket which I love but they are just everywhere now.  The AR SRPLS website is full of laid back utility luxe clothes, so I will be interested to see what other pieces Matches add to their site over the coming weeks.

The bag (top right) is by Meredith Wendell which I spotted in Bloomingdales and Scoop NYC.  Meredith Wendell design accessories with holidays in mind.  These bags are nice but I felt they were a bit pricey for what they are – the bag in the above picture is canvas and rubber – $545.

Anyway, I need another drink so back to flicking through the rest of The Edit, what has caught your eye? Let me know in the comments as I’d love to hear what’s grabbing your attention.

x SJ

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