Perfume is quite a rare smell for me these days, since I have had asthma my sense of smell hasn’t been that great so I tend to stick with smells I know or seek out a scent that I can actually smell!  I miss being able to have a whaft of scent past me, as a good scent that I love would always trigger a memory.

When I was in Sephora last weekend I spotted the original Marc Jacobs perfume which I wore on my wedding day and as this week is our wedding anniversary I picked myself up a small bottle.  I bought the Marc Jacobs perfume back in  October 2002 in Selfridges, I think it might have even been a birthday treat.  At that time you could only buy it in the larger London department stores so I knew not everyone would have the same perfume as me.  I remember the smell being very unique, quite fresh but musky and heady at the same time and it lasted all day.  I was often asked what I was wearing, however for whatever reason I haven’t bought a bottle since that first bottle ran out.

Marc Jacobs PerfumeMarc Jacobs Perfume from Sephora $28

Thirteen years on I’m enjoying the smell once again.  What I love about Sephora is that they sell small rollerballs of perfume, this makes it an inexpensive way (prices range from $25-$35) to have lots of different perfume and its a great way to carry your favourite scent in your handbag, I can’t leave home without carrying perfume.

What perfume do you always go back to, to bring back a favourite memory?


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