I have been dying to try Lulu DK jewellery tattoos since seeing them on SJP back in the summer, but as usual with everything I like you couldn’t get them in the UK without paying silly shipping prices.  However luckily for me, the fab Rumpus Resort based in Wilmslow got them in!!

Now Rumpus Resort stock amazing beach wear and lingerie sadly I don’t go on enough beach holidays to justify shopping here more often but I do have a couple of awesome bikinis from here, basically if you need a little something to look fab on the beach this is place to go and Philippa who owns the boutique is just lovely.


About a month ago I placed my order and since they arrived I’ve been itching to try them, but wanted to wait until I was going out for a proper evening out.  Last Thursday was the first of the Festive parties so I gave them a go.  Within the ‘Love Story‘ pack there are two strips; one silver and one gold – each strip containing 6 different designs.  I cut the ones I wanted to use off the strip and placed them on my arms where I wanted them to go, got a damp cloth wrapped it around the tattoo and held in place for 30-ish seconds then peeled of the backing paper and my jewellery tattoo was in place – simples!  I need a little bit more practise to get them perfect around my wrist, but I got the technic perfected on the top of my arm.

IMG_3168.JPGFirst go on my wrist – excuse the poor picture! 

IMG_3177.JPGHere’s the one on the top of my arm

It’s now been 5 days since I put them on and they are still there, I have been ultra careful in the shower and when drying as I want them to last, but if you want to remove them they come off with a little bit of baby oil and a cotton wool pad.

I just love these so much, they will look so pretty against a tan in the summer.  I will be using the rest of these next week at my next festive party and then putting in an order for some more!

These will make fab Christmas stocking fillers, shop the collection here




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