The weather here in The Bay area has been quite mild all winter so far, El Nino has bought a lot of much needed rain to drought ridden California but when the sun does shine, it really does shine!  Even though my Apple Watch seems to think its only 14 degrees the sun on my skin feels really warm.  Most days when the sun is out its just sweater weather, no coat needed and I’ve had my legs out on the beach and dipped my feet into the Pacific!  With the sun feeling so strong, especially on my face I’m taking no chances when it comes to my skin.  Even in the winter months I wear a moisturiser with at least SPF15 but I felt something a bit stronger was needed, so I decided to try out the Kiehls Ultra Facial Moisturizer with SPF30.  

I sometimes find that facial creams with a high SPF can be quite rich and heavy on the face and sometimes even reacted strangely with makeup, leaving flaking lumps on my face which really isn’t a good look, but this is really light and absorbs quickly into the skin. It absorbs so quickly you can put on makeup straight away, in fact it really does act as a great base for the Charlotte Tilbury ‘Light Wonder’ foundation I’m currently using.

Kiehls Ultra Facial MositurizerKiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer with SFP30 from $21/£17

I have used it when out on a run and it didn’t leave that funny white mark on the skin some SPFs leave when you start to sweat, it certainly hasn’t reacted funny with my eyes when sweating on a run which is a bonus! For a good all round moisturiser with a high SPF this is a good buy at quite a reasonable price.  The 75ml bottle I bought will last quite a while, you literally only need a little bit as it really does go a long way.  I now need to find an eye cream with a high SPF, suggestions in the comments below will be most welcome!


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