Kenzo x Vans

Vans are doing some awesome collaborations at the moment!

Sadly I couldn’t get hold of the New Order Vans I mentioned a few weeks ago but when I spotted the Kenzo collaboration was on the way I just had to get a pair!  This is the third, maybe fourth collection of Kenzo x Vans but I haven’t been a huge fan of past season prints.  For some reason I’ve found they either a little dull or oddly a bit too larey but in a not very exciting kind of way; I can’t explain it they just haven’t grabbed me.

This time the print used is the awesome “Clouded Leopard”; who doesn’t like a smudgy type leopard print.  Kenzo is just everywhere at the moment, normally I don’t really like the Kenzo motif sweaters but I love this print .  I wasn’t 100% sure of the launch date for this collaboration and checked nearly every day throughout March then one evening I spotted a tweet from ‘Diary of a Clotheshorse‘ saying they were in stock so within the next few minutes the only pair they had in a size 39 were in my basket!  I had really wanted the lace up orange and green print, but  I was just too slow.

So as it was I opted for the slip-on Vans, a style I wouldn’t normally buy, but I love these so much so I made my first Vine yesterday of me unboxing them.

These are going to be the perfect summer shoe worn with boyfriends and shorts (if we see summer that is!) The colourway isn’t quite as bright as I was expecting but they will go with so much in my wardrobe.  Kenzo online are sold out in just about all styles and sizes now so if you want a pair take a trip to the Bruton Street store, not sure if they take phone orders.  I might just have to pay a visit myself as I do really want another pair.

Gotta love a bit of leopard print eh girls?!



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