Over the last few months I’ve been a little bit of a health and fitness freak so when John Lewis approached me to try out the Withings Pop Activitéwatch’ as part of the ‘Find Your Summer’ campaign which is all about top tech and summer.  Mr B has been on about the Withings Body Analyzer scales for some time now and until the ‘watch’ arrived I hadn’t twigged that it was also made by Withings.  Now Withings products are all about using technology and design to help the end user lead a more active and healthy lifestyle which I think more of us are aspiring to do but sometimes we need a little tech push to help us get there, and no other department store has a wider range of tech to help us than John Lewis

Withings Activite Pop WatchWithings Pop Activité c/o John Lewis – £119.95 

The Pop Activité watch is not only a watch it monitors your daily fitness and it can also monitor how well you sleep, as we all know getting enough sleep is as good for our health as exercising.  It does look just like a watch, so I suspect you’re wondering how do I actually track my activity?  Well, you download the Withings app and hook the watch to your smartphone (a very simple process that takes minutes) I use an iPhone and away you go.  The app will monitor you throughout the day and send you push notifications of how activity you have/haven’t been.  I have found since using the watch I’m more conscious of my lack of activity, for example if I am in the office all day I make sure I stand up and walk over to colleagues instead of being lazy and using email or Skype, I also make sure I leave my desk a lunch for a short walk, and I take the stairs all the way up to the 6th floor instead of the lift. I’m quite active anyway, walking to/from the train station daily as well as taking regular dance classes, yoga, running and the gym but by making a few changes you really notice the amount of daily steps you do increase.  Its rare that I don’t do 10,000 steps a day and if I’m honest it annoys me if I don’t hit my goal.

Being able to monitor sleep is really interesting especially as I love to sleep!  Sleeping is almost a hobby for me, I like to think i’m good at it.  It was no surprise to Mr B that I was asleep in literally 2 minutes according to the app, but its the amount of ‘deep sleep‘ that has surprised me, I’ve only been getting 2/3 hours of deep sleep this week, and an average of 7 hours 15 minutes total sleep overnight, I do feel as if I need the full 8 hours sleep at the moment!

Matching the Withings Pop Activité to my running gearTime to workout with Withings at John Lewis

I think this watch will really come into full effect for me on holiday when I literally will be in “Find Your Summer” mode  as the watch is waterproof! I don’t go swimming often in this country so testing the watch out in the pool and sea will happen on holiday.  As I will be with Huxley 24/7 for just over 2 weeks on holiday there will be a lot of activity going on so I will report back on how I found it on an activity beach holiday.

I don’t really like the design of some other fitness trackers that are on the market, the Withings is a nice simple watch, it really does look like a watch, so it doesn’t look out of place when you’re dressed up or if you need to wear a suit for work.  I guess the only thing I might change is the strap and op for maybe a red one.  Apart from that its a nice piece of fitness kit and its nice and light on the wrist!

Right time to go and be active i’m only at 66% of my daily activity goal.



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