I was recently asked if I wanted to do a piece for Avenue 32, another online site that I browse regularly for new designers and pieces you can’t easily get elsewhere, if you haven’t come across this site you must check out their designer list.

If you follow my twitter account you will know that I’ve been after a backpack for a month or so.  My reasons for wanting a backpack are not entirely fashion related, dog walking really requires both hands to be free and a cross body bag isn’t always that practical.  However me being me I don’t want a sensible boring backpack so after browsing Avenue 32 I came across the most gorgeous backpack by Jérôme Dreyfuss.

JDPackpack1Blue Leopard Backpack by Jérôme Dreyfuss at Avenue 32 – £310

I know the name but don’t really know that much about the designer.  Jérôme is French and right at the beginning of his career took a work placement with John Galliano, then at the you age of 23 launched his debut collection and then made the move to accessories around 11 years ago – so this guy has some serious pedigree!

Back to the backpack…. this bag ticks several boxes for me..

1 – The design its just beautiful
2 – It has leopard print
3 – The leopard print is bright blue – LOVE!
4 – It’s a combo of textures – canvas and suede; the suede gives it that luxe feel
5 – It’s actually practical with a draw pull and flap fastening and zips for quick access

It’s just swooning bag love!

Actually I like several of the Jérôme Dreyfuss bags; damn why haven’t I checked out these bags before?!


NOTE: this isn’t a sponsored post, I agreed to mention this bag/brand as I genuinely love it! – want, want, want 

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