I haven’t been that impressed with JCrew since moving stateside, I guess it’s because its on my doorstep now so the JCrew novelty has worn off a little.  I have found some really nice bits in there though, but overall the quality of the basics such as the tees hasn’t been that great – until now…..

JCrew Garment Dyed Muscle Tank
Muscle Tank – JCrew $35 (TIMETOSHOP gets 30% off but think this is US only)
Shorts – Lululemon 

Hat – Holiday buy in France

If you’re looking for a great soft basic tee or tank the Made in LA collection of garment-dyed tops is for you.  I needed a few more short sleeved tops as the weather has been so mild so I picked up the muscle tank in ‘Brilliant Peony’ a few weeks ago.  The unique dying process means it already looks a little bit lived in and with each wash the colour will change a little and the cotton has become softer.  The quality of this collection is so much better than basic JCrew tees and I love that these are cut, sewn and dyed in LA, just down the road (ok, some 5 hour drive) from me.

JCrew Garment Dyed Muscle Tank

I love mine so much I had to pick one up in ‘White’ and I’m already eying up another in ‘Honey Brown’.  Size wise the muscle tank does come up quite big, I went for a small but the arm area is quite large so you do see a lot of your bra, which doesn’t really bother me but I did down size to XS when I bought the ‘White’ version.

JCrew Garment-dyed made in LA collection

I believe there are 59 colours in this collection which is also available for men and kids.  More items like this please JCrew!



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