Hey all!  Sorry it’s been a bit quiet for the last few days but Huxley finally arrived home last Friday and everything has been a bit bonkers!  I was so excited last Thursday evening I hardly slept at all and was up at 5.30am unable to sleep, good job really as my cousin in Oz sent me a message at 6.11am asking if Huxley had arrived yet – someone hadn’t worked out the time difference!

So off we went on Friday morning, via a pit stop at Tillings in Gomshall for a big breakfast setting us up for the big, long day ahead.  We arrived at the breeders house, went through all the paperwork, hints and tips about how to look after Huxley, then after about 2 hours we said goodbye to Coco (Huxley’s mum) and the lovely breeder and headed home.

After a visit to the vet in the afternoon for his first jab and check up we went home for our first evening together.  I can’t quite believe how quickly he has settled in apart from whimpering for about 15mins at bed time that Friday he has been totally fine.  He does get a bit stroppy if he goes in his pen when he doesn’t want to and has discovered plants he can get to in the garden but apart from that he’s been great.  He has even mastered ‘sit’ and ‘fetch’ – he hasn’t quite got the ‘leave it‘ command yet though but I think we might have a canine mastermind on our hands 😉

He’s a little bundle of energy though which has meant extra early mornings and late evening and all our focus is on getting him settled hence the lack of posts – that and Huxley wants to chew my MacBook whenever I try to type!

So as way of as compensation for a lack of posts here’s a few pics of Huxley’s first few days…..

I have to say Huxley came from a fantastic breeder, the family were just amazing, they let us visit Huxley before he came home, provided updates and Huxley came home having experienced normal family life which has helped make him so well adjusted, he’s not phased by the Dyson, hairdryer or any other noise you would normally hear around the house.  So while it may have taken a lot of phone calls and emails I am so glad we found Huxley’s breeder.  Even the vet was impressed with the documentation and information book the breeder had put together for us.

Its so nice have little paws around the house again; home just isnt home without a furry friend 🙂



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