As I’ve mentioned in a few other posts I’ve started a bit of a health kick, not only eating healthily but doing more exercise.  I needed a goal to work towards to keep me on the right path so I signed myself up to do the Nike women’s 10k on 21st June in London; this has forced me to get my ass out there running!  I like to mix my exercise up a little though so I recently tried two new classes – hip hop yoga and 80s dance workout.

IMG_6727.JPGEn route to hip hop yoga, wearing, Lululemon leggings, Charli Cohen tank, Superga sneakers, Carhartt hoodie


The Lululemon boutique in Guildford is my new favorite place for buying workout gear and the team run several complementary classes.  On Saturdays at 11am it’s yoga for an hour, places are limited to a first come, first served basis and you really need to arrive at around 10.45 to secure a mat! I decided to give a session a go and the first session I went to was hip hop yoga, basically yoga but to hip hop.  It was quite an intense flowing yoga session and as it was to a hip hop beat the moves were done quicker than a traditional yoga sesh; I was literally sweating 20 minutes in! Everyone in the class including the instructors were really friendly and although it’s a small space and everyone is close together you don’t really notice once you get going.  I’m sure the instructor said she had discovered hip hop to yoga when she visited Boston, it sounds odd but believe me it really works.  I loved this session so much, we all did the cool down to Mariah Carey’s – We Belong Together and somehow all ended up holding hands and swaying to the beat, laughing while doing it!  It was such a great vibe I went back to this weeks session which was more traditional yoga but again the class was so much fun and the instructor was making everyone laugh and smile throughout the tough session that focused on stretching out the old hips.

IMG_6986.JPGCan you spot me?? The Lululemon class this week during cool down

On a slightly different direction, one of my friends suggested that I give the 80s dance workout class she goes to on a Monday night a go. As it was a bank holiday last week I had no silly commute stopping me, so I popped on my leggings and Acid House ‘Smiley‘ tank and went ready to dance.  I wasn’t really sure what I was expecting but the class is basically a simple dance workout following a little routine to 80s dance music.  You could put in as much effort as you wanted to and the class was varied age wise from 20 – 70 year olds.  Doing the ‘Walk Like An Egyptian‘ moves in a workout class was one of the funniest things I have done/seen for a long time.  I totally loved this class and ended up walking home in a very sweaty mess!  I think I might have been going for it a little too much as when I went to tell the instructor how much I loved it one of the older ladies laughed and said ‘oh yes, we could tell you did‘.

IMG_6309.JPGCool down and weights after a run, spot the dog?

These two classes are what working out should be – fun!  I’m looking forward to my next sessions, not looking forward to my next training run quite so much though.


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