On my trip to NY in December 2012 I was browsing the shoe department in Barneys on Madison Avenue and I fell totally in love!  There in front of my eyes were three pairs of sneakers, all in suede, all with a big ‘G’ or leather star on the side, these sneakers looked totally battered, and I wanted a pair.  Sadly, it was our final day in NY and we had really spent enough on that holiday so when I saw the $550 price tag I put the sneakers down.  The brand that I fell in love with that day – Golden Goose.

As soon as I got home I did my research and discovered that Golden Goose is an Italian brand, hence the big price tag in NY, but they were still a lot in euros, €350 and the same in pounds, so they went on the wish list.  I love sneakers but spending hundreds on a pair to me is just a bit bonkers when you can get a perfectly good pair of Van’s, Nike SBs, Cons etc.  Yes, I spent several hundred on my Isabel Marants, but they were so different and distinctive, you just know they are Marant.  I did have a big ASH phase but as the price tag went up and the quality went down, I just couldn’t justify a £120 spend every 6 months, as that’s how long they started to last on me, I literally wore them to death.  With the ASH experience in mind I just really didn’t think the Golden Goose were worth spending on at all.

Golden GooseGolden Goose sneakers – similar here

But the nagging was there, and yet again even on holiday in Cap Ferret knowing I was heading Stateside I couldn’t bring myself to spend the cash, and the exchange rate was good!! Then I discovered a pair here in the US on Shoescribe (part of the NAP Group) on sale for $220 and I had a discount code for another 20% off… ok, so what size do I order?? With Italian shoes I sometimes have to go a size up, so after chatting Twitter friends I decided to stick with a 39 and to hope for the best.  The three week delivery (over the Christmas and New Year Holidays) felt like forever and some of the ‘new shoe’ excitement had actually been lost in that time, but I still loved them and more importantly they fitted – BINGO!



What girl doesn’t love a bit of leopard print and a flash of neon?  What I hadn’t appreciated is that Golden Goose sneakers are actually hand finished in Italy, hence the price tag and that they are so very well made.  They are very padded inside and have almost an internal wedge feeling sole.  The calf half leopard is just so very luxe feeling, I just like to stroke them.  They actually feel far more robust than they look, but these beauties are still only coming out to play on special occasions, I won’t be walking Huxley in these!




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