Slogan tops are everywhere, Topshop have done a few tees and sweats with the word ‘Geek’ printed across them and several other High Street stores have followed suit.  I even bought one of the Topshop ‘Geek’ tees mainly because it reminded me of my love for Luella.  It feels like a lifetime ago that Luella Bartley was the darling of the fashion world and all the cool girls wore her clothes.  In 2009 she closed the door on the beautiful Brook St store for good and that was the end of Luella!

Going through some of my clothes at the weekend I unzipped a protective bag to find my prized Luella ‘Geek’ cardigan!  I think from the ‘Geek’ collection SS07.  I so wanted the ‘Geek’ tee at the time but couldn’t get one however I was lucky enough to pick the ‘Geek’ cardigan up in the sale at the time.

Luella Geek

I love pale blue for the summer months and this is a beautiful cornflower blue, 70% cotton/30% silk mix cardigan.  It’s very delicate hence being zipped up in a protective bag and I don’t tend to wear it that often as it’s dry clean only – no way am I risking this baby in the washing machine!  In a slightly darker blue is the “GEEK!” motif on the left breast area.  As it gets a bit warmer I might have to give it a few outings as I had forgotten just how much I love this top.

SJ Geek Girl

Ah! I miss the fun Luella collections and the amazing dresses.  I would’ve loved to have the cash at the time to buy this gorgeous dress Alex Chung wore to the Elle awards in 2008….AMAZING!

Alexa Chung in Luella


If you have any Luella pieces lurking in your wardrobe that you love please share!

x SJ

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  1. Style At Every Age

    Great that you found this, what a result! My daughters all have a selection of slogan t-shirts from Topshop with “Sick” and “I hate you” being firm favourites at the moment. I gave up on them years ago when I hit forty! Did you make a decision on the Louis Neverfull after our instagram convo the other day?

    • Selina

      Well I am almost certainly going to buy one just deciding on which one just done a post on it! Its gone up in price since January as well typical! S x


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