As the blog has been a little quiet recently I thought I would share a little personal update.   Over the past 6 months I have been suffering with the worst migraines; the pain is so bad I can be knocked out for 2 to 3 days at a time literally wanting to do nothing but stay in my bed until it goes.  When I know that slight fuzzy feeling is creeping into the top right hand side of my forehead I just want to swap my current head for a new one! It’s not just the head though, I feel very sick and have been physically sick. Feeling sick also means I have no appetite, and as most of you know I love my food and generally have a huge appetite. There are days when I have to commute into the office and when I get there I feel so bad that the thought of getting on a train home is worse than battling on at my desk.  Lunchtimes are spent in the small dark meeting room for an hours shut eye with a bit of Moon Safari playing to shut any outside noise out. Weekends are the worst, even going on what should be a lovely dog walk with my two favourites becomes hard work.

As they have been happening more frequently, lasting 3 days or more I went back to the doctor…

Doctor one – (female) explained I had been suffering for 18months but they had got worse, her first question, could I be pregnant! She then went on to suggest I should try and do more yoga, have a massage and basically take time to de-stress my life. She also gave me some very strong codeine tablets that make me sick! 

Doctor two – (male) suggested I keep a food diary to see if anything was triggering the migraines

Doctor three – (male) he basically told me the previous two doctors were clueless, the first one should’ve been more sympathetic and shouldn’t have prescribed the strong codeine as it would make my stomach worse. Apparently unless I’m drinking gallons of caffeine, eating bars upon bars of chocolate or eating as many bananas as a monkey my diet wouldn’t make a massive difference. This doctor prescribed some migraine tablets to take as I felt the fuzzy head coming on.

For a few months the tablets were working, but over the last month they haven’t, nothing would shift the pain, the pain was so acute it was waking me up in the night.  So off I went to the doctors again…

Doctor four – (female) this doctor explained that my sick feeling and loss of appetite was caused by the stomach shutting during a migraine attack, hence why no painkillers were working as they couldn’t get into my system. Sadly due to my asthma she couldn’t prescribe the drugs she wanted to. She suggested I contact The Migraine Centre which is a registered charity for some additional advice, but she also said she would refer me to a migraine or neurologist depending on what my private healthcare covered. Finally a breakthrough!!! 

I’m very lucky to have healthcare cover via Mr Bs employers, so the whole process of seeing a private doctor was quick and easy.  I met with Dr Trend a week after my referral, he’s quite a character and called everything the other doctors had done or prescribed as “so terribly old fashioned” after some basic tests he booked me in for a MRI scan on my head and neck to check nothing strange was going on.

IMG_6410.JPGMy yay I feel a lot better, I’m off out face!

My scan was booked for the following week, I wasn’t looking forward to it as I panic if I get a jumper caught over my head!  So I popped the gown on and in I went.  As the scan was on my head and neck I had my head in a brace type thing and then the lady put a pastic cage over my face, I already had headphones on so I just closed my eyes and tried not to panic as I was moved into the machine.  I wasn’t prepared for the noise that machine makes, it was like standing next to the biggest speaker in a club playing monotonous techno music! The vibration through my body was very strange too, I was able to keep my rings on and it felt like the diamond in my engagement was going to fall out! Each scan lasted between 2-4 minutes over a 35 minute period. I had to come out though as my mouth was just so dry, the lady didn’t want me to move so she dribble water through the cage into my mouth, then back in I went.

The results were back in a week and nothing strange was picked up, so I’ve been prescribed some “very expensive” drugs that my consultant has suggested I try to get signed off via my GP to save me money, so I’m currently back in the hands of the NHS waiting to see if I can get my prescription for the normal fee…..  My next appointment with Dr Trend is either when the drugs run out as there’s only 6 in a box or in 2 months time but I need to keep a log of when the attacks happen to see if there is any pattern at all.

Everything crossed these drugs work!


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