I have been a huge fan of Fresh for at least 8years, not sure how I first discovered Fresh though.

Fresh were apparently one of the first companies to pioneer the use of natural everyday ingredients such as milk, sugar, soy and rice in their beauty products.

I have one item I can’t live without from Fresh and that’s the Brown Sugar deodorant.  It is just amazing, no real smell to it, it doesn’t leave marks on your clothes and it just works no matter how hot and sweaty you might get, even at the gym.

I also love their Soy cleanser it makes your skin feel uber clean and the scents are just so unique; they even have a scent made with cannabis for everyone still living their Woodstock dream.

They used to stock Fresh in Selfridges and my (at the time) local John Lewis in Reading but about 4yrs ago they pulled all concessions in the UK and have just the one store on Marylebone High St.  I think they pulled the concessions around the time LVHM group ‘partnered’ with the brand but the store do (thankfully!) take phone orders; the staff are always lovely and you always get a few samples with your order.

So with all this on my mind Fresh was on my list of key places to visit in New York.  I had already done a bit of Fresh shopping but then we went on the Sex and The City tour and what I didn’t know was that Fresh cosmetics were used on the second SATC film, so we were given a little discount voucher when we stopped off on Bleecker Street so I thought I would have another look.

The staff in Fresh encouraged me to play with some of the cosmetics and having never tried Fresh cosmetics before I thought I would have a go.  We didn’t have too long in the store but I tried the Fresh Supernova black mascara. Now being fair I tend to wear brown or purple shaded mascara, rarely black.  But the black is just so perfect and my lashes in store looked massive – sold!  Its a very glossy black and is alcohol-free but it does contain a conditioning oil.  Taking a picture to show how it make the lashes look is difficult but hopefully this gives you an idea.


Next I tried the Sugar tinted lip treatment with SPF15. I have wanted to try these for ages, there is such a great selection of colours, something for everyone.  I tried on a few but wanted something natural, but gave me a bit of colour so I went for Honey – apparently the one Carrie wore in the film but that could’ve just been the very friendly and not at all pushy sales patter.


Honey is a rich pinkish, coral brown giving the lips a really warm nude colour.  I don’t normally wear colour on my lips at work but when I wore this I got comments as to how ‘glowing’ I looked even though I actually felt like crap with a cold!

So I left the Fresh store looking totally refreshed and ready for cocktails at Scout (O’Neils).  But I couldn’t leave the store without the ladies asking my about my coat – seriously NYC had a lot of love for my coat!

x SJ

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