I spent 48hrs away from home this week, the first time I have been away from home for work for a while.  It felt like an eternity being away so I couldn’t wait to get home to my two favourites; it just so happened to obviously be Valentines too!  Now I/we don’t really do Valentines, if you need a certain day in the year to show someone your feelings I think there is probably something a little wrong.  I jut remember the last time Mr B and I ventured out on Valentines; so many couples just sat there in silence, looking awkward, it was just a bit forced and strange.  Anyway, I came home on Friday and went straight to the park with my two boys; Huxley went mad when I came though the door!  The rest of the evening was filled with champagne and deep house, I only hope our only neighbour wasn’t in!!  Just doing nothing, being home and listening to music and drinking was a great night to end a very long week.


Valentines started with me treating myself to a very long overdue massage.  My neck and shoulders have been so tense these last few weeks a massage was seriously needed, and the lady doing it saying ‘wow‘ when she got to the knots on my shoulders meant I was in for a strangely enjoyable but slightly off massage.  I just find the sensation very bizarre when they work the knots out.

I then came home to another delivery of flowers from Bloom & Wild.  I don’t think I have ever received red roses but as my other flowers were just about coming to an end Mr B bought me some more!  A girl could easily get used to flowers every two weeks, especially flowers as beautiful as these.

The rest of Valentines has been spent mooching around with Mr B and Huxley, not doing a lot which is my ideal way to spend a weekend.  Tonight we are cooking up another recipe from the fab Anna Jones – A Modern Way To Eat cookbook, while getting back on the fizz.

The beats are on and I’m feeling the love, happy Valentines all!







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