Oh, I can’t wait to have an extra 2 days off work for the Easter holidays, it has been a long few months at work since Christmas and the thought of spending 4 days with my two favourite boys is very exciting!  I’m also looking forward to nibbling on some chocolate.

I don’t really like sweets or a great deal of chocolate; I’ve got so fussy on the chocolate front since I’ve got older and my favourite chocolate is from Rococo.  I work in walkable distance from the Rococo Kings Rd store but I don’t go too often as it’s far to tempting!  As I don’t think I will be getting an Easter Egg (boo!) I treated myself to a box of my all time favorite Anglesy sea salt milk chocolate wafer thins – these won’t hang around long!!

As I’m running again I also picked up a dark chocolate chili bar; it’s a pre-run treat and I like to think it keeps me going! Dark chocolate is healthy especially with the chili to kick start the metabolism right? 😉


PS Keep your chocolate away from dogs, chocolate is highly poisonous to our four-legged friends!


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