I’m trying not to buy too much here at the moment, I’m not working and we really need to not treat the next few weeks as if we are on holiday, but it’s hard!  We went to downtown San Carlos this week, which I just love, it’s full of small independent shops, restaurants and coffee shops, it just feels more what I’m used to shopping wise, as much as I love the mall, I prefer to do my shopping in more of a ‘High St’ atmosphere and as the sun is shining so why would I want to be inside?! 
Dogeared – California necklace $70 at Prairie

There are at least two shops – Prairie and Joey Rae in San Carlos that I think will quickly become my go-to stores as between them they stock brands I love and both have great denim. When browsing in Prairie I spotted a Dogeared ‘California’ necklace which I just had to snap up.  Yes, I know its a little naff and I’m being such a tourist (I blame my friend Dove for calling me Miss California these days!) but I had to have it.  I have a few Dogeared pieces and hadn’t really noticed it’s a US bThrand, in fact all pieces are handmade in South California, how this I didn’t twig before I don’t know!

Made from sterling silver my little piece of California has been around my neck for the past few days, it’s true what Dogeared say  ‘Of all the places in the whole wide world there’s no place like California’

x SJ

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