When it comes to footwear I’m either in sneakers or heels – I don’t like doing anything in-between!  I’ve never found a pair of ballerina flats that are that comfortable and I just don’t think they look that flattering and slippers are just soooo no!!  However flats are everywhere and my ankles just can’t take a high heel all day, especially if I have to stand on my commute into London then run around town in them all day!  So I started the hunt for a pair of brogue/loafer type shoes.  I used to wear them many years ago and I have a pair of heeled brogue boots that I love but I just hadn’t seen any I liked enough especially when they all seem to be super expensive costing £150+ for a really nice pair!!


Oddly I then thought I’d check out Clarks, not my usual shoe haunt but I did at just the right time as they have an awesome collection of brogue-esq lace-ups and flats in lovely light shades for summer and at a decent price!! I called in to try them on for myself and I was immediately smitten.

Brouges2Hotel Image in Cotton Leather – £65 at Clarks

I purchased the Hotel Image in Cotton – an off-white; these also come in Mushroom – a sort of grey colour and navy.  The leather is so very soft and as you would expect from Clarks they are very comfortable.  These are very true to size, if not slightly generous, I went for a size 6 and they are a perfect fit.



Typical! I buy a pair of light coloured shoes and the weather turns!  So these haven’t had a good outing yet but I can see myself wearing these with everything this summer especially for work meetings!  So if you’re thinking of dipping your big toe into the mannish flat trend check out Clarks; at that price it’s worth jumping on this trend.


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  1. Tara

    These are lovely, I really like the cut outs. I am thinking of purchasing another pair, I like the burgundy ones Clarks did last year, I hope I can still find them instore to try on!


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