Can’t believe the year is already nearly over, Christmas day all feels a little bit of a blur now!  My last day in the office was the 23rd December although I did WFH on the 29th and like clockwork the dreaded lurgy hit me.  Why is it whenever it comes to me having time off work my body seems to just go into into melt down.  I wasn’t going to let it stop my Christmas fun so I downed lots of drugs (the over the counter variety) and had a massive hit of Vit C and started Christmas festivities at friends, with a good thai takeaway, wine and a round of Cards Against Humanity, the funniest but most wrong game ever!

Of course I woke up on Christmas Eve feeling rough as!  So I did very little, walked Huxley, finished the last bit of food shopping, then went for brunch with Mr B; oh I had the most amazing eggs florentine with parmesan – yum, yum, yum!  I then spent most of Christmas Eve on the sofa trying to get myself better for the big day.

It’s our 4th Christmas in Guildford and our 2nd Christmas with Huxley and the 1st Christmas day it hasn’t rained since we moved here!  Christmas Day in Surrey was just a glorious bright, blue skies, crisp day.  The day started with a walk to the main park for a good run around with Huxley then we came home and got ready for our lunch at the local pub.


Ever since moving here we have gone to the pub for Christmas Day lunch, just the two of us, it’s just so much easier than cooking at home and it’s a nice way to spend an afternoon, eating good food and drinking.  Sadly I still wasnt feeling too great so instead of downing a bottle of champagne as usual we shared a bottle of Melbec.

wpid10424-IMG_3675.jpgMy Christmas Day outfit 
Coat – Selected Femme
Sweater – Wildfox
Jeans – 2nd Day c/0 The Dressing Room
Boots – Rag & Bone
Scarf – Becksondergaard
Bag – Mansur Gavriel 

After three hours of stuffing our faces we headed home to take Huxley for another walk.  We headed out to the Surrey Hills and it was as if everyone else in Surrey had the same idea, I had never seen Pewley Down so busy with families playing games and dog walkers alike.  Walking up through the town and the steep hills of Guildford were extremely hard work after all that food and wine, I was totally whacked when we got home.  Not too tired to finally open our presents though!

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas.





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