I love a hat, I don’t know what it is but a hat just sometimes brings comfort, especially on a cold day and even in the sunshine I like to give good hat-age.  After a lot of debate with myself I decided I really, really needed the Charlotte Simone SASS cap, yes, the baseball hat with the silly pom pom.  It’s like a baseball bobble hat, I guess.

Charlotte Simone Sass cap

A lot of the debate with myself was the brands use of real fur, which I just cannot support in anyway, however every item is also available in faux fur.  I just don’t understand how real fur has crept back into fashion over the past 10 years or so and that people think its now acceptable as it’s ‘farmed’, yes, it might be, but the majority is farmed in China and I doubt any real thought or consideration for the animals welfare comes into play.  I won’t go on an anti-fur rant, as I think you have got my thoughts on this by now.  I wasn’t able to order the faux fur version anywhere in the US, so I had to order directly from Charlotte Simone.

Charlotte Simone Sass CapSASS Cap – Charlotte Simone – exact here
Shirt – JCrew – exact here
Necklace – Dogeared – exact here

The hat arrived in its own box, with a personalised note and paperwork, love a personalised touch.  It was true hat lust at first site.  Yes, it’s totally bonkers, yes people in California look at me as if I’m a nutter when I wear it but I don’t care, I love it! I guess my only complaint is that it isn’t adjustable like a normal baseball hat, as the SASS cap is a little bit big but hey I can live with that.  The grey SASS cap is available with 3 different pom pom colour ways, I opted for the pink, green and white mix.

Charlotte Simone Sass Cap

So what do you think – SASS-Y (terrible, I know!) or not?


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