I’am a self confessed Chanel nail addict; yes I know it’s not the best nail varnish but the colours are just too good to miss out on!  I know other brands make good colours as well but buying a new Chanel polish is such a treat and a great way to liven up any outfit with a flash of perfectly coloured nails.  Saying that my Chanel beauty habit isn’t as bad as it once was as the only stockist in Guildford, House of Fraser is full of ‘Beauty Bitches‘ so I only buy when in London.

I fall very firmly into the Coco Chanel camp of short chic nails; I can’t bear long nails, they just look horrible!  Think my hatred of long nails stems from a primary school teacher, who had nails so long they curled – yuck!  Surely long nails are just really unhygienic? – yes, I do have a bit of an OCD about clean hands, I think being a commuter may do that to you!


Anyway onto my current Chanel polish of choice which is Mysterious 601, a deep dark grey – almost black. I purchased it back in August from the Chanel store at Covent Garden.  To make my Chanel polish last, I have discovered that the mix of Nails Inc A&E base coat and the Jessica Brilliance top coat works a treat!  This prolongs my home manicure to about a week, which is good going for me!  Chanel polishes are notoriously bad at chipping so a top coat is a must!



Now I could do with a proper manicure but I only have time for that at the weekend and can’t face sitting around for an hour to be perfectly honest, so here’s tonights home mani, do you like?  Not the neatest I know!


Time to settle on the sofa and nibble on these bad boys!


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