This time last year I helped recruit someone I knew to work alongside my old boss and as a thank you for saving the company a small fortune on recruitment agency fees I was given £500 to spend, via a gift voucher, at a store of my choice, after much thought about what I would spend the voucher on I decided to go for Selfridges.  There was one catch to the voucher, the new recruit would have to pass his three month probation period, so I had to wait a while for the voucher, and as the first voucher went missing (don’t ask!) I didn’t actually get the voucher until late August just before I went on holiday and when I already knew I was heading Stateside to live.

I just didn’t get around to spending the voucher until my last few days in the UK, by this point it was November, my birthday had been and gone and I had more Selfridges vouchers to add to the pot.  I really wanted to buy something from a British or European brand as I know these are more expensive in the US and as my leaving gift was a new wallet I decided it was about time I got myself a new bag.


The obviously choice was the Céline Trio which I had wanted for a while and I loved the two that my friend Kitty had bought.  In fact I had to take Kitty with me for one final shopping trip before leaving the UK so she was my partner in Céline crime that day.

Celine TrioLarge Céline Trio – £795 from Selfridges (instore only)

I had done a scout of the Selfridges Céline concession after visiting the US Embassy in nearby Grovesnor Square back in September with Mr B in tow.  At that time they didn’t have a great selection of bags in  and Mr B wasn’t exactly a fan of the bags I showed him, I think his words were ‘you had a bag like that from Topshop in 2001’.

Celine Trio

Luckily they had several Trio colour options but the one that really caught my eye was a deep burgundy red.  I like to add a bit of colour through accessories and burgundy will go with so much no matter what season it is.  So after much debating and checking the bag over, I went for it.  I think it only actually cost me £60 as the rest was covered in vouchers.

Celine Trio

Celine Trio

My Trio is actually the larger of the two sizes, the price difference between the two is only about £100 from memory so going for the bigger option at £795 makes more sense.  The three zip compartments are quite big, you can easily carry around all the essentials for a shopping trip or nightout or alternatively unzip one of the compartments and use your Trio as a clutch bag.  The strap is long so the Trio can be worn over the shoulder or cross body.  It’s actually a really practical, classic and chic bag.  However, for some reason up until last Friday, I hadn’t even got it out of the dustbag!!!  I even took the Céline in my carryon bag on the flight over as I didn’t want to risk it getting lost in my hold baggage, but for whatever reason I still hadn’t used it since purchase.  Anyway, the Céline has now had a night out in San Francisco and will be used a lot more from now on.


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