Carven Trench
Another week of nothing but grey weather and rain clouds has meant my best summer purchase ever has had a few outings. Now you’re probably expecting me to write about some sandals, a lovely summer dress or a pretty skirt but nope I am talking about a little trench coat – yep, thats right a Carven trench!

I bought this little number for about £250 a couple of years ago from Black White Denim in Wilmslow. It’s such a classic design – black, zip-up but also belted with a collar you can put up to keep the wind off your neck and two deep pockets to keep your hands warm. The sleeves are just over 3/4 length and the coat sits just above my knees. Most importantly it’s waterproof – for keeping out of this horrible weather without burning up while running around town using the dreaded tube, it’s just perfect.

Carven Trench

Today I wore it to work, dashing across town between meetings and it actually kept the rain at bay! It’s so light and it’s easy to carry and if you have a tote it will fold up and pop in without looking too creased when you get it out – it really is the perfect Spring/Summer coat!

Carven TrenchCoat – Carven (SS11)
Top – Victoria Beckham Denim (SS12)
Jeans – JBrand Kinsey (SS12)
Shoes – Whistles (AW12)

So here I am today wearing it with last seasons Victoria Beckham Denim striped top (also from Black White Denim) and my JBrand Kinsey jeans – I love these, they are just ‘smart’ enough to get away with for meetings.

So what’s your best buy for spring/summer, is it a slightly odd purchase like mine?
x SJ

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