Nothing got me more excited than the hook-up of Luella Bartley and Katie Hillier at Marc by Marc Jacobs.  For me the line had lost its way a little and had just got a little boring, that’s hard for me to type as I feel I have been there with the label since the beginning, I even wore the label at my wedding reception party!  Having a good browse online today I’m now totally obsessed with the label again, I loved the Bartley/Hillier first runway presentation but seeing the clothes again has totally sucked me in.  The one piece I’m seriously lusting after is just a tee but, it’s just way too cool!  Yep you’ve guessed it, the ‘Bunny Hop’ tee, but if you’re old like me you will know this is a BMX reference for us 80’s kids.



It’s just all kinds of epic and there is even a necklace too!



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