Having a good sort out has unearthed some great pieces in my wardrobe; it’s almost like having lots of new clothes, like shopping without the hassle of shopping which is an excellent thing!

Todays throwback Thursday is by Cacharel from 2001.  When I got married at Selfridges (yep you read that right!) they treated Mr B and I to a little shopping spree, really to buy a few pieces for our honeymoon but we kinda went off-piste.  Anyway after an afternoon with the personal shopping team  I had some pieces I really wanted; Juicy Couture jeans, Miu Miu belt, Maharishi combats, Marc Jacobs top and a few other bits I’m sure I will come across but of everything the stylist team brought out for me I just couldn’t decided on this Cacharel top.  In the end I went with the teams recommendation after all they do know fashion and as the personal stylist team said I had to have it – I did and made the right choice!


It’s a deep black fitted tee with yellow pipping around the edges, white shaped patches and  flashes of neon animals; it’s a bit bonkers really and not the sort of thing (I anyway) would associate with Cacharel but I do love it.

SJ Wearing Cacharel

Tee: Cacharel
Hoodie: Juicy Couture
Combats: Maharishi

I can’t remember wearing it that often but I here I am in 2002 arriving at our first Oxford home after our honeymoon.

x SJ

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