It’s not often I receive flowers, mainly as I tell Mr B not to waste his money on them! Equally if he sent me a bunch of flowers to the office I wouldn’t be amused trying to commute home with them.  So when the doorbell went on Saturday morning I was very surprised to receive a box from Bloom & Wild; I had no idea who the gift was from at first until I opened the card and they were from Mr B, congratulating me on finally getting the big ‘D’ in my job title.

The Bloom & Wild box is designed to send flowers in the post so the box can fit through a normal sized letter box.  When I opened the box the flowers were beautifully and carefully arranged and wrapped so they wouldn’t get damaged and inside was a care card with instructions on how to arrange the flowers.  Mr B sent me the ‘Charlotte’ a mix of hypericum berries, ruscus leaves, eucalyptus, madiba and spiky eryngium amongst others.

IMG_4292.JPGThe Charlotte from Bloom & Wild

The bouquet is so vivid in colour, the white berries and flowers against the bright purple flowers and rich green leaves just looks so vibrant.  The flowers have reminded me that spring is literally round the corner, with warmer and lighter days.

I could easily get used to more flowers dropping through my door.. hint hint!














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