I haven’t blogged for ages!  Which doesn’t really sit well with me as I used to really, really enjoy blogging and the creative side and engagement with new people it bought to my old life back in the UK.

However since moving to California nearly a year ago (how on earth has it been nearly a year??) life has changed a lot, I haven’t really been inspired by fashion since making the move stateside so I’ve just felt less inclined to blog.  I’m also a bit bored by social media, I know everybody likes to look at pretty images and we all know Instagram is the ‘happy perfect place’ but all the monochrome, flatlay perfectness is well, dare I say it….. a bit dull!  There just doesn’t seem to be any individuality anymore and lots of my favourite blogs feel as if they’re merging into one big generic perfectly styled world where everyone wears Bella Freud (yes I do own 3!) sweaters, unhemmed denim and Gucci Shoes 24/7.

img_2702-1.jpgYep thats a Bella Freud!…

I know I’m slightly guilty of this myself, I post the odd flatlay, still like to bag the ‘must-have’ designer piece and ‘on-trend’ (god I hate that phrase!) item and I go to yoga and drink a lot of photogenic coffee (I’m laughing while I type that!) so I guess i’m part of that cliche, without meaning to be!

For once fashion only really plays a small part in my life for a whole host of reasons; there’s nothing like being uprooted 5,000 miles from everything you know to make you change your outlook on, well everything really!  So expect some changes on here, there will be more posts on my life here in California and all the strange quirks and frustrations that come with moving abroad as well as the usual stuff on fashion, music, art and design.  I’ve also dabbled in video, appearing on and behind the camera with Mr B over on our channel – Pint of Stuff.  This is another way for me to get my voice out and to learn a new skill; camera work and editing, it’s a lot harder and time consuming than you realise.

Thanks for sticking with me, please check out the new channel and I look forward to posting more frequently!








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