On Sunday morning we headed out to Bisley Shooting Ground for an hours lesson shooting some clays.  Mr B paid for this session back in August last year via a deal on Living Social but as always with these things we left it right until the expiry date to book on for our lesson.

We have both had a go with a gun before, Mr B on the firing range at school and me with my brother at Air Force cadets but that was years ago so we were both a bit nervous as to what to expect.

Bisley Shooting Ground is about a 20minute drive from Guildford, not far from Bisley camp and is actually in the grounds of the National Rifle Association UK; there are about 30 shooting clubs based on the site so we really were in the home of shooting in the UK.

We checked into the Bisley Shooting Club House, where you can enjoy a hot drink, before heading out onto the range to meet your instructor.  We met our instructor Bob; for some reason I had imagined that our instructor would be called Bob and he was – how funny! Bob was really friendly and totally put me at ease straight away.  We were given earplugs and fitted for our Baretta shotguns – mine was a 20bore and Mr B was with a standard 12 bore and off we went to shoot some clays.


Bob was such a good instructor, if you get your stance (feet at 1 o’clock and 3 o’clock)  and positioning of the gun right – pressed into your shoulder with you cheek pushed into the gun looking just over the tip of the barrel you should hit some clays.  The gun was quite heavy and if I had spent longer than an hour shooting my shoulder would’ve started to ache, but I was surprised there wasn’t more of a kick-back when I fired the gun.


Mr B was a bit of a natural but I had to really relax and focus the eyes between shots to make sure I hit the clays.  After a few tips from Bob on relaxing, not rushing the shots and breathing I was soon hitting all the clays coming out, Bob called me the Goddess with Gun several times, although I am sure he says that to all the ladies 🙂

What I really liked about this session was that we got to shoot clays in different ways; we got to shoot clays running along the floor as if they were rabbits, clays coming up and at us like grouse, clays that went straight up then down – not sure what bird that was and diagonal clays (there is probably a correct term) like ducks flying – think the old school duck hunt on the Nintendo.

I did find the amount of Barbour coats on display quite amusing so I did feel really at home in my Barbour parka.  I probably should’ve worn Hunters to complete the shooting look but as it was about 2 degrees, feeling like -5 in the wind and I hate having cold feet so I pulled out the trusty Uggs.

Underneath my huge Barbour coat I had on a checked wool-mix shirt from Whistles paired with black Goldsign skinny jeans.  I wasn’t sure if we would be wearing ear-defenders or not so opted for my Jack Wills wool headband instead of a hat, I think I fitted in.


Mr B on the other hand stuck with low slung Carhartt jeans, a pair of trusty Nike SB Dunks and a Carhartt parka; the only thing that was even close to the shooting looking was his Barbour trapper hat – I’m not sure Bisley was quite ready for his more urban look but shooting straight I’m sure he fitted right in – Dunks or no Dunks.

For 2 adults sharing an hours session the fees start from £55 per person.  If you’re not afraid of firing a gun go and give it a go as its great fun and the instructors will soon have you shooting like a pro in no time.

x SJ

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