I struggle with buying new perfume as my allergies now mean I don’t have a great sense of smell, equally I can’t smell anything in a department store, there’s just too much going on to tell the different scents apart!

I’ve been wanting to try a new scent for a while now but struggle due to the problem I mentioned in my opening line however, as I love my Bella Freud candle I thought I’d just risk going and buying one of her new(ish) perfumes without trying. A very brave move when it comes to a new perfume.


Luckily for me Harvey Nichols had 10% off beauty recently and as I really didn’t have time to call in at lunch time I took the plunge and ordered online.  Sadly Harvey Nichols cocked up my online order (not for the first time) and sent me a refill for something totally random!  However, the customer service team were fab and after a phone call on Saturday my correct order arrived on Monday! So thank you very much Harvey Nichols, you now have a very happy customer again.


There are three perfumes from Bella Freud to choose from, I ended up opting for the Je T’aime Jane, the same as my candle.  As you would expect from Bella Freud the box and bottle are both very cool, I can’t wait to put it on my fireplace in the bedroom.  It’s a 50ml eau de parfum bottle and the smell is just so devine!!


This is a real heady mix of jasmine night flower, ylang land and black oud – no idea what that is, but boy this smells good!  It’s quite strong and heady, if you like Tom Fords Black Orchid you will be a big fan of this.  Even Huxley liked it; he had a good sniff of my wrist while wagging his tail, so there you go!


At £65 a bottle this is my early Christmas present to myself, sometimes you need a little bit of self gifting!

Shop the collection here.






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