I know Sport Relief has been and gone in the UK but I’m so, so happy the folks managed to get me one of the Bella Freud bags designed for Sainsbury’s to raise money for Sport Relief. There were two designs available but I had to have the ‘Girl’ bag as my favourite Bella Freud sweater is the ‘Girl’ sweater!  I don’t think I will be wearing the two together though…

Bella Freud for Sainsburys


The weather has been so strange this month here in California, one minute very hot, then rain, then wind, but the evenings have been quite chilly.  When I went out last weekend I finally wore the ‘Ginsberg is God’ sweater I bagged on sale at Morgan Clare back in January.  I’d been after this jumper for a while and as it went to half price I just had to grab it as this Bella Freud design doesn’t go on sale that often, you might be lucky to get 25% off but thats about it.  Its hard to tell from the pictures but this is a dark grey not the black version, I’m a bit of a grey addict and I actually prefer this design in grey, its a new favourite for sure!

Ginsberg is GodBella Freud Sweater from Morgan Clare – current collection can be found here

SJ In Bella Freud

I’m actually holding off on using my ‘Girl’ bag for a bit, even though no one here in the US will have one, I like to keep things like this for a while then crack them out in a few years time.  Remember the Anya Hindmarch for Sainsbury’s ‘Im Not A Plastic Bag’ tote? Well mine is still going strong nearly 10 years later and I still get asked about it, hoping my ‘Girl’ lasts as long.


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