So after my little moan about everyone on Instagram looking the same in Bella Freud jumpers, I’ve gone on to wear one in my last post and my most recent purchase was………yes, I’m wincing as I type this…the Bella Freud 1970 jumper – ROLLS EYES!

I know, I know, I know!  I spent about five days debating with myself over this purchase, even some of my trusted social media fashion friends had managed to talk me out of dropping, quite frankly a lot of money on a sparkly jumper and then it went out of stock EVERYWHERE in my size so the choice was made for me.

But I had a quick look on Shopbop!  I’ve only shopped on Shopbop once and it’s not one of my to-go shopping sites however they just so happened to have the top in stock, reduced and with another 25% off for Black Friday; there it was, in a size small so I thought sod it!  I also used the cash back site Ebates (similar to Quidco in the UK) and got about $8 back, yes, I know I’m still trying to justify this splurge!

Bella Freud 1970No filter on these pictures, Mr B used the flash from his camera and shot these on my iPhone 6

My main reason for finally giving in is that no-one here in California will have this top, so I can easily wear it without running the risk of bumping into someone else wearing it! I think I actually love it, I’m not big on the old sparkle but this top is the big exception to the rule, I love it and will certainly get more wear out of this than yet another party frock that will end up gathering dust in the closet!

Bella Freud 1970Jumper – Bella Freud
Coat – ASOS
Skirt – Banana Republic
Shoes – Christian Louboutin
Bag – Mulberry

For a full ‘unboxing’ or should that be unpacking as Shopbop are a little ‘cheap’ on the packaging front, head over to my joint YouTube channel with Mr B. ‘Pint of Stuff‘ to see the jumper in its full sparkling glory.  You can even see my first Christmas/Holiday season party outfit and me trying to string some words together when hungover, with that bright California sun shining on me – yep, I’ve felt fragile all day, was a good night though!



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