beckCool Becksondergaard Packaging from The Dressing Room 

I have returned from holiday to full on autumn weather, it felt very strange wearing proper clothes this week after 2 weeks of shorts, bikinis and not a lot else!  So I spent some time browsing online seeing what was new and decided I needed a new scarf!

Pretty sure there was only about 6 weeks this year when I left the house without a scarf of some sort, I even took one on holiday for chilly evenings when the sun went down, a scarf is also great on the beach for a cover up.  So The Dressing Room are celebrating Scandi Month – a month dedicated to all the Scandinavian brands they stock, one of those brands is a big favourite of mine – Becksondergaard.

becks3Becksondergaard scarf from The Dressing Room – £69

Becksondergaard is an accessories brand based out of Copenhagen, the collection includes, scarves and super soft leather bags and purses.  Their scarves are amazing especially the large silk/wool mix ones, just so warm and you can wrap yourself up in them, I never travel anywhere without one to hand as they are perfect for keeping warm on a long flight. I love this brand and already have several of their scarves but as there was a 10% off at The Dressing Room last week I treated myself to a new one.

becks2Me snuggled in the garden enjoying the heat from our Chiminea
Becksondergaard Scarf & very old Topshop jumper

There were so many amazing prints to choose from but I was drawn to more stars and after about 30 minutes of debating I finally opted for this rich grape and beige combo – love it!  So this beauty will probably be worn to death and I am sure you will see this in several outfit posts over the winter months.

There might be more stars coming up…..


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