Anyone that knows me knows I love to find great independent boutiques on my travels.   Through the power that is Twitter one found me!

I was out sipping cocktails with the lovely Kitty when I received a tweet from Ordri Boutique suggesting I needed one of their Star Scarves to keep me warm.  I had an idea of the scarf in question and later that weekend they tweeted a picture of all the colours they had, when I replied ‘blue’ they tweeted two pics of the different blues modelled by a very pretty young lady.

Checking out their Twitter profile I noticed they were based in nearby Farnham, somewhere I have yet to visit since my move to a new town.  So they said they would put the Navy blue version (on the left) aside.  Unfortunately I couldn’t get over to the store that Saturday and I was stuck in meetings during work time until last Thursday and they still had it put to one side for me!

The scarf arrived the next day at work, it was like opening a present!

Beck Sonder Gaard

Got a bit of a scarf habit going on at the moment, its always so drafty in the office and I hate having a cold breeze blowing on my neck, also a new scarf brightens up any outfit! 🙂 Loved it so much I wore it that night.

The scarf is a rich bright Navy with large ‘Nova’ print Stars all over.  I opted for a lightweight cotton version, I believe they also make a wool/silk mix.  I wanted a lightweight version for the warmer weather and to take with me on holiday.  Off to Cap Ferret later this year and it can get chilly in the evenings.  The scarf is MASSIVE!! So big, even Mr B was able to wrap it around himself like a sarong – he looked very silly and wouldn’t allow me to take a pic, spoil sport!

The scarf is by Danish assessories brand Beck Sonder Gaard established in 2003 the brand seems to have only just made its way to the UK, or to me anyway!  Love some of their other prints especially this Cat Power print scarf – hint to Ordri for next order 😉

So there you go the power of social media bringing shop to shopper!  I have yet to visit the store but based on the customer service I will do very soon, maybe this weekend…..

Thanks @ordriboutique x SJ

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