On Sunday I took my first 2014 trip to the seaside!! I love the seaside, i’m a beach girl at heart, as much as I love city life nowhere feels quite like home than being by the sea.  It was also Huxley’s first proper seaside trip, he did visit the sea back in December but he was so young back then he wasn’t really that interested.  Huxley puppy is now 6 months old and growing so fast, so it was a very different experience for him this time as we met up with his 30-odd doggy friends at West Wittering beach.

Trust us all to go on the weekend the weather takes a bit of a turn, it was chilly on the beach with the sea breeze but at least the rain held off, when the sun did come out and the breeze dropped it was glorious, Mr B even got a little bit of a pink nose!!  As I haven’t shared any Huxley pictures on here for ages I thought you might like to see how the boy has grown.

He is just too cute!




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