Redwood Hike

Hiking in the Redwoods

Back in September my friend dragged me out to finally see some of the Californian countryside and the famous Redwoods, which I believe are only found in California.  The summer was crazy; such fun work wise, bu...
Woden Sneakers

New Year, New Kicks!

I'm kinda ignoring the lack of posts during 2016 and just getting straight back into it, so Happy New Year all!  New Year means new kicks, gotta put that best foot forward into a New Year! I tend to wear sne...

Bella Freud 1970

So after my little moan about everyone on Instagram looking the same in Bella Freud jumpers, I've gone on to wear one in my last post and my most recent purchase was.........yes, I'm wincing as I type
Bella Freud Blondes

SJ….In a Skirt!

Blimey, it's been a long time since I've done an outfit post!  The temperature here in NoCal has started to drop and the weather is feeling far more autumnal now, I think this week is the first week in about 5 ...

To blog or not to blog….

I haven't blogged for ages!  Which doesn't really sit well with me as I used to really, really enjoy blogging and the creative side and engagement with new people it bought to my old life back in the UK. How...

Made in LA….

I haven't been that impressed with JCrew since moving stateside, I guess it's because its on my doorstep now so the JCrew novelty has worn off a little.  I have found some really nice bits in there though, but ...

Day to Night – Cargos

Sometimes the weather in California is just a tad too warm for jeans but a little too chilly for shorts, so on days like those out come the cargos! After the 90's obsession with cargos they kinda lost their fas...
Bella Freud for Sainsburys

New Bella!

I know Sport Relief has been and gone in the UK but I'm so, so happy the folks managed to get me one of the Bella Freud bags designed for Sainsbury's to raise money for Sport Relief. There were two designs avai...